Avtovo metro station, St. Petersburg
by Andrew Miksys


In a new project called “OMG, Who Stole My Ads?” French street artist Etienne Lavie makes it his mission to transform the ad space in Paris into an outdoor art gallery. He has been travelling around the city, snatching up posters and billboards, and replacing them with fine specimens of French art from an earlier era. If our senses have over-developed to the point where we need to be visually stimulated at all times outdoors, just to keep up continuity, then we might as well at least occasionally glimpse something that moves us—something we might elect to look at voluntarily. Lavie’s project gives that gift to a lucky subset of Parisian commuters.

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Jean Michel Basquiat


probably the most dramatic screencap i have ever taken

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"This is how fragile your life is"

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BOSNIA.  Couple in a street of the Muslim area of Mostar besieged by the Croatian militias in January 1994.  Jean-Claude Coutausse.

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Frida Kahlo